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Iceman Reptiles – #ForTheLoveOfTheHobby


In all the years we’ve been working with the reptile community, we have seen some great progress in educational/outreach efforts all over the world, and been fortunate to meet some outstanding people that make it happen. Being the core public endeavor of Retic Life, this is something that we feel not only needs to be celebrated, but actively supported.

With that, and great pride, we would like to introduce to you one of the most passionate and pro-active people we know who is working to help the world see how amazing and important these animals are – Scott Hollabaugh of Iceman Reptiles.

His love for these animals is undeniable, and his commitment to sharing his passion with others is nothing less than impressive. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting him, this becomes even more evident when you realize that in less than the flick of a snake’s tongue, you’ve stopped noticing the myriad neon colors of his apparel, especially his insane collection of shoes, that most of us use to help find him in massively crowded events like the N.A.R.B.C. show in Tinley Park.

His energy and enthusiasm for these animals, their welfare, and other people in the herpetology industry & hobby community are unmatched. I personally know absolutely zero people that have anything but crazy nice things to say about Scott and the work he does with reptiles. One good look at the Iceman Reptiles Facebook page will go a long way to explain why. One look at all those people, especially the kids, that he brings these animals to. The amazement on their faces. The instant love and fascination. THAT is what we ALL need to be bringing to the world when we represent the herpetology community.

If that’s not enough, look up the hashtags #IcemanReptiles & #ForTheLoveOfTheHobby on Facebook and Instagram. There you’ll see even more folks in the industry/hobby that share the same love for these animals that Scott does.

If you’re lucky, you’re somewhere in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and you’ll be able to book Iceman Reptiles for a party or event! That is the primary way he directly supports his efforts with these animals, and I can guarantee you, worth every penny!

I could go on for much longer, but there will be time for that later. Scott never stops, and is WAY to complex a person to fit in one article. :p

In closing, I’d like to make an announcement that has been a long time coming, and one that we here at Retic Life are EXTREMELY proud and honored to make, and that is the co-branding partnership with Iceman Reptiles!

As one of our most loyal and pro-active supporters over the years, we can’t express our thanks for all that Scott and Iceman Reptiles has done for us, and couldn’t be more excited to be launching the Official Iceman Reptiles/Retic Life line of apparel and merchandise! (link coming soon!)

We’ll leave it at that for now, as we have much to do to get all the awesome Official Iceman Reptile/Retic Life gear up on the site and ready to ship out to you!

If you want your Official Iceman Reptiles/Retic Life swag NOW, the flagship logos t-shirt is already available! Just click the color and size options below, and hit the “Add to Cart” button! ALL proceeds go DIRECTLY to help animals in need and to support the educational/outreach programs of Iceman Reptiles, Retic Life, and Reptile Bliss, so #GearUP! 😉

Official Iceman Reptiles/Retic Life flagship logos t-shirt!
(Shown: Maroon t-shirt with gray snake background/white border text)

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING NOTICE: For orders from outside the lower 48 United States, please contact us directly through our contact page or Facebook so we can calculate the shipping cost and estimated delivery time for your order. If you place an order through our website that is to be delivered outside of the lower 48 United States of America, we will contact you with the adjusted shipping cost/timeline. We are working to find a reliable (and affordable) system to automatically calculate shipping worldwide, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

A big thank you, Scott, for all you have done for us, and big thanks to all of you Retic Lifers out there for all of YOUR support so far! #ReticLife!

Looking forward!

–The Retic Life Crew